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Corporate Wellness

T-Creek R&D offers full service corporate wellness program support to corporations employing American Indian citizens.


Depending on the location, T-Creek R&D partners with local clinics and other health providers to develop a comprehensive wellness program for all employees. We work with organizational leadership to ensure the entire workforce’s needs are met while keep costs down and services relevant.

Our Programs to Are Dedicated to Creating a Healthier Community


We offer a variety of wellness programs to suit the needs of individuals, communities and corporate groups, so there's sure to be an excellent option for you. 

Substance Abuse

T-Creek R&D has relationships with various substance abuse treatment programs. We take the guess work out of choosing a culturally respectful treatment option through our vetting services.


The needs of the Native American patient are sometimes unique to their culture; T-Creek R&D works to ensure their treatment plan is one that will work for their culture, their lifestyle, and their future.

Tribal Events

T-Creek R&D is happy to partner with scheduled wellness events or provide a singularly focused wellness event.

Event options include education on health and wellness topics, such as heart health, diabetes control, and other issues common in the population, as well as providing onsite blood testing. When testing is provided, T-Creek handles all logistics, test result communications, and follow-up with the patient’s primary care doctor to ensure a wellness plan is created to address any abnormal results.

How Healthy is Your Tribe?

We are working to create a healthier Native American community for this and future generations. Schedule a tribal PULS Cardiac testing event today.  

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