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Native American Health and PULS Cardiac Test

Native American Health and PULS Cardiac Test

Heart Disease is the
Leading Cause of Death Among 
Native American Populations


Higher Risk of Death

The heart disease death rate is 20% higher in Native American populations.



of Heart Attacks
are Preventable

Early detection of heart disease can save a life and prevention is key.



of People Don't Know
the Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack increases the chances of survival and  recovery.



Understanding heart disease allows you to take control of symptoms that could lead to a heart attack. Learning about the formation and progression of heart disease empowers you to act and conquer your risk. In fact, 75% of the heart attacks are caused by unstable lesion rupture, while only 25% are due to a narrowing of the artery. 

You can’t expect what you can’t inspect. Are you vulnerable? Identify YOUR risk…request a PULS Cardiac Test today!


For many people, the first symptom of heart disease is not chest pain, but a heart attack or sudden death. Current testing and clinical risk categories measure the standard risk factors such as cholesterol do not provide a full picture of the risk with heart disease. 50% of people who have a heart attack have normal cholesterol.



Your cardiac wellness profile will allow you to plan the life you want while reducing your risk of heart disease. Early detection is the key to preventing heart disease. Talk with your doctor today about the PULS test and your cardiac wellness profile.

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