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Growing a garden with limited space

Updated: May 7, 2019

A.G. Kawamura, founder of Solutions for Urban Agriculture, presents ways to grow healthy vegetables and fruit in your own back yard.

Solutions for Urban Agriculture (SFUA) is a non-profit farming organization that seeks to offer innovative solutions to some of the pressing food security, public health, ecological, workforce and educational needs facing urban environments today.

Taking on the challenges of an urban society

“In an increasingly urbanized society, our urban resources can be better managed to create a more adaptive and resilient food system.”

SFUA seeks to implement innovative and scalable agricultural systems that enable urban land to be sustainably managed to produce food while protecting and improving critical environmental resources. This is done through the strategic repurposing of urban properties for the sustainable production of farm products. We focus on the utilization of technological advances, vocational training for urban farmers, and the design and management of agricultural educational programming for public and private entities. Our aim is to demonstrate that 21st Century urban agriculture can be a dynamic partner in the building of healthy communities.

Learn more about Solutions for Urban Agriculture here:

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